How to adopt a cockapoo in Illinois

Jul 26, 2021 region

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is holding an adoption event in the town of Waukegan.

It is open to any dog or cat who wants to adopt.

It is a non-profit organization, so adoption is not required.

The dog or dog’s adoption fee is $60 for two dogs and $35 for three dogs.

You do not have to own a dog or a cat to participate in the event.

“Our goal is to bring attention to this issue and to encourage adoption,” said Amy Breslow, the owner of Dog Loves Town.

We are really hoping that our community can find some common ground here and start a conversation.

The whole point of this is to give people a voice, and hopefully we can find ways of doing that together.

“Breslow said the adoption event is the first of its kind in Illinois and is expected to be expanded.

The dog or dogs will also receive a “Doberman” tag.

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