Jul 24, 2021 Dog

The father of a pet-loving boy who was put to sleep in a bedroom for five days in 2009 has been found guilty of child abuse and is now serving a prison term, according to a lawsuit filed by the boy’s parents.

The boy’s mother filed the lawsuit against a group of pet owners and other people who allegedly abused the boy during the two-month period in March 2009.

The lawsuit alleges the boy was forced to live in a room with a “semi-living” dog in a “large, enclosed and enclosed room” that had a “small, dark room.”

“The defendant’s actions were cruel and inhuman,” the lawsuit states.

“The boy, who is now 15, was put into a room that had no bedding, was not cleaned, fed, changed, or bathed and that was completely devoid of any clothing or food,” the suit states.

The lawsuit says the boy has not seen his parents since that time.

A spokesman for the Ohio Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that the department was “pleased with the verdict” but that it was seeking a new trial.

“We are confident the state will be able to provide the necessary information and documents to provide an unbiased determination of this case,” the spokesman said.

The case is the first in Ohio involving the use of a dog in an adoption, the spokesman added.

The boy was put in a bed in a living room that was covered with sheets and a blanket.

The suit says he was allowed to leave and take a shower.

“He said that he was scared and that his parents were going to beat him up,” the filing states.

“He was also concerned about the dogs.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the boy had to spend time with a dog who was “unable to sit and walk.”

The lawsuit names three pet owners: a man who owns the house where the boy lived; a man named William in Ohio, and a woman named Karen who owned the home where the puppy was housed.

It also names the woman’s boyfriend, who owns a pet store in Columbus.

The three people are not named as defendants in the lawsuit.

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