Which states are the most animal friendly?

Jul 1, 2021 region

A team of volunteers has developed an algorithm that calculates the state with the most pet adoptions.

The pet adoption algorithm, which is available in several languages, aims to give an unbiased and realistic view of the world’s pet adoption statistics.

“The data from the adoption sites shows that it is quite a wide spread.

It can be found in many states,” said Dr Rupesh Kapoor, who is involved in the project.

The project, called the ‘pet adoption map’, was launched in 2016 by the National Pet Adoption Trust (NPAT).

It is the first state-based project in the world, and was initially funded by the pet industry.

The NPAT said in a statement that the adoption map is a key part of its mission, which involves helping communities to make informed choices on adopting a pet.

“It helps in providing communities with a holistic view on the best way to adopt their pets.

The map is also a valuable tool for researchers to find out more about the adoption process and provide more effective information to the pet market,” the statement said.

In a country where there are more than 70 pet adoption centres, this is the largest in the entire world.

The map shows the top five pet adoption states, based on the number of pets adopted by pet adoption organisations, including cat adoption.

In a few cases, the adoption centres that had the most adoptions in that state were ranked higher.

The state that has the most adopts is Bihar, followed by Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

In Uttar Pradesh, Bengaluru and Kerala are ranked as the worst places to adopt pets.

The adoption map was developed by the NPAT, the Association of Veterinary Medical Research Institutes (AVMI), and the Animal Welfare Association of India (AWAI).

The data used in the map is based on information collected from the NPATS adoption centres in different states and the adoption data is based only on the data collected in those centres.

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