Italian Footballers to adopt a German shepherd from NYC

Aug 23, 2021 cat

Italian Footballer Mario Balotelli has revealed that he and his girlfriend will adopt a dog from NYC, in a move that could make his life easier.

Balotelli was reportedly spotted in the Hamptons with his girlfriend, model-turned-model-actress Gigi Hadid, and her dog, a German Shepherd called Nino.

Balorlotti said he and Hadid had planned to adopt the dog in early 2018, but were unsure when, due to the circumstances of her pregnancy.

“We’re in love, I don’t know when the dog will be born, but we’re going to be happy,” he told The Local.

“We want to take the dog with us everywhere we go.

We have our own dog and we don’t want anyone else to have a dog in our house.”

Nino, a 6-year-old German shepherd with an adopted Italian name, will become the new home of the Italian Football League star.

“He’s a beautiful dog, very affectionate, loves to be around people,” Balotello said.

“He will be the new house dog.”

Balotlli’s future in the Italian league could be sealed if he is unable to secure a place in the squad for the 2022 World Cup in Russia.

He is currently out of contract with AC Milan and is hoping to move to Serie B.

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