Man charged in Florida over adopt-a-state program

Sep 16, 2021 region

A Florida man who was charged with stealing adopt-an-animal adopt-and-return certificates has been released on $20,000 bond, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Michael Scott DeCesare, 40, was taken into custody Tuesday evening after police say he broke into the home of a couple and stole their adopt-toy certificates.

Deputies were called to the home on North Boulevard in Jupiter after a neighbor called about a man who appeared to be in the middle of a fight with his wife, according a Broward Sheriff’s Department news release.

Deputy Sgt. Christopher Stearns told reporters the couple had been married for five years and had adopted two dogs and two cats.

Stearns said the couple adopted the dogs and cats after learning that they would not be able to adopt after the couple was unable to raise enough money.

“They wanted to adopt a dog and a cat,” Stearnes said.

“And we took that opportunity to do it, and then they got scared and decided to not adopt.”

He said the family was able to get a new dog and cat from the Browards Humane Society, but had to give the animals away because of a court order.

The couple had to surrender the certificates to police, but DeCessare took them back, according the release.

DeCesand is charged with theft of a public safety device and burglary.

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