The mystery of the tiny heart of an egg donor

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By Emma Fergus | 20 June 2016 09:07:20One of the most controversial and controversial aspects of egg donation has long been the question of who will get it.

In an effort to better understand the process of a baby’s fertilisation, researchers in Australia have used a genetic test to look for changes in the genetic makeup of the egg donor’s egg that could reveal a donor’s ethnicity or genetic heritage.

The Australian Pregnancy Centre (APCC) at the University of Melbourne has been developing the new technology since 2010 and says it has now been applied to more than 400,000 babies.

The test looks for differences in the genomes of different egg donors and can detect a number of different ethnicities and genealogies, says APCC director of research and development Dr Sarah Smith.

But Dr Smith says there is no way to know which ethnicity or genealogical heritage would cause the baby to be affected by the new test.

“We know that people from different ethnic groups are affected differently, but what we’re trying to do is identify that genetic impact and then find a way to identify the ethnic origin of that,” she said.

“The fact that a baby could be of two ethnicities means that the impact would be different.”

There are many reasons why people might not donate their eggs, including the fact that some people choose not to donate their children or simply do not want to give them up, says Dr Smith.

“I would be interested to know how this test works and what are the risks and benefits to those who choose to donate.”

What do people really think about this?”‘

I was raised in a multicultural family”This has been an ongoing debate for the APCC and the Australian Paternity Center, which has been looking into the possibility of a genetic donor’s DNA.”

If there are genetic contributions from other ethnic groups that are present, then it would be possible to identify and differentiate between these people,” Dr Smith said.

She said the tests could also be used to help doctors identify individuals who are at risk of developing a genetic disorder like Tay-Sachs or multiple sclerosis.”

But for many people who are not involved in the Paternity Centre, or have not been exposed to this kind of genetic testing, it is still a very complicated process,” Dr Scott said.

The APCC is now developing the test for use in women and babies who have already donated their eggs to the Pregnancy Center, but Dr Smith stressed that she was confident that the results could be used for any prospective donors.”

My biggest concern is that the potential for genetic damage is the same for everyone, so I’m hoping we can find some way to make sure we don’t get the worst outcome,” she explained.

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