When you’re looking for a new puppy, check out the latest adoption trends

Sep 27, 2021 Dog

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center shows that more than half of Americans would be willing to adopt a dog of their own if it was an American, but only 36 percent would be open to adopting a dog from a foreign country.

In other words, the vast majority of Americans, or a solid majority, would rather not adopt a non-American dog.

In a world where nearly one in three American households are comprised of a dog, that’s a pretty significant gap.

While the Pew survey only included those who identified as American-born, a Pew spokesperson told Ars that the percentage of people who identified themselves as “other” was much higher.

That means about one in four American households (24 percent) were comprised of non-white Americans.

Pew also found that more Americans than ever had been considering adopting a new dog.

According to Pew, more than 1 in five (20 percent) Americans had adopted a dog in the past year, while fewer than 10 percent had considered adopting a German Shepherd or Siberian Husky.

But these numbers are not as striking as the rest of the results, and it is important to note that these are only those who had adopted dogs in the last year.

The next best things to consider when deciding which dog to adopt are temperament and health.

“If you’re interested in finding a dog that you think is going to be a good fit for you, look at all the criteria,” said Scott Schulte, CEO of Dog-Friendly.com.

“Is it a dog with a personality that you enjoy and is very social?”

It is important for a dog to have a good temperament, which means being social, playful, and outgoing.

Dogs also have to have good health, and the Pew poll found that, overall, Americans had more positive feelings toward dogs than negative ones.

Schulteces says it is also important to consider the breed of the dog.

“The dog with the most positive attributes about its breed is a dog you might want to adopt, but also if you’re thinking about a different breed, then that’s where it’s best to start,” he said.

If you are a dog-loving person who wants to give your dog a chance to grow, there are a few things you can do to help ensure it grows up to become a fine dog.

Find a dog park.

Dog parks are popular places to go, and you can find great deals on puppies and adult dogs from local pet shops.

Find the right breed.

“People love puppies and they like dogs that are temperamentally appropriate for their breed,” said Schultee.

If a dog is temperamentally challenged, there is usually a better option than a dog factory.

The ASPCA says that in the United States, there’s a “growing trend for breeders to offer puppies at no cost and have them placed for adoption in the community at large.”

This can be a very positive thing.

“In the U.S., puppies are a really important part of dog adoption,” said Kelly McQuillan, director of the ASPCA’s animal welfare program.

“There’s a lot of people out there who are willing to give up a puppy for someone else.”

Find a rescue.

Find people who want to help.

Some of the best dog parks are dog rescue organizations, but there are also shelters that have a variety of dog rescue programs.

“Dog parks tend to have the highest adoption rates,” said McQuinn.

“You can find a shelter that has a large dog population and also the largest dog adoptions.”

Find out more about the breed that you want to get into your life.

“We have to start somewhere,” said Darlene Laskowski, founder of Darlen Dog Rescue.

“Our goal is to find a dog who is perfect for us.

So we are trying to find the right dog to fit that need.”

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