How to adopt a dog in the UK

Oct 9, 2021 contact

The UK has just passed a controversial new law that could see dogs and cats taken from their homes in the country.

As the BBC reports, it comes after a series of incidents involving stray dogs.

Under the new legislation, which came into effect on Monday, animals who end up on the streets will be euthanised, and dogs, cats, and ferrets will be put up for adoption.

This is not just a case of animals being thrown into the streets, though, it’s a deliberate move to take them out of the homes of those who care for them.

The legislation will affect thousands of dogs and more than 300 cats and ferret homes in England, Wales, and Scotland, the BBC reported.

The law has been criticised by animal rights activists, as well as animal welfare organisations.

The UK Animal Protection League and other organisations have also called for the legislation to be repealed.

In a statement, the group said that the proposed law would “fundamentally change” the way the country treats animals.

“It will also cause huge financial and emotional distress to animals, as many of the animals that will be forced to be euthansized will be elderly, ill or in desperate need of care,” the group wrote.

The group also added that it would “take the opportunity to bring a national conversation about the best way to care for and adopt animals into place.”

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