How to adopt a furry friend from Japan

Nov 1, 2021 region

If you’re new to Japan, here are some things to know about adoption in Japan.


It’s not just about fur, cats are also adorable.

You can get adopted for just about any reason, from being adopted as a child, to having an adoption that was never planned.


Japan has more adoptions than anywhere else in the world.


Japan is also home to some of the most unique pets in the entire world.

It has an unusual adoption system.

There are no adoption agencies or shelters.

All of the animals are given their own foster homes.

They’re then placed with people who want to adopt them.

In some cases, they’re adopted by a single person, so they’re not all going to be adopted in the same way.


The Japanese government has strict rules about what is allowed.

Cats can’t be allowed to run around, dogs can’t go on walks, and humans can’t feed them.

Cats have to be neutered and their teeth must be removed.


The first time you get an adoption, it’s really important to take photos of yourself and ask your friend for photos.

If you want to take more than one photo of yourself, you can apply for more than 1 photo, which is $20.

You also need to apply for a different foster home for each animal.


There’s a waiting list for adopters to get adopted.

But you can go on the waiting list until the end of the year.

You’ll be given a voucher for an adoption if you do that, which will help you get to the next step.


In addition to being a furry animal, you’ll also get a free cat bed and some toys and clothes for the first year.


Cats are also good candidates for adoption in cases of domestic violence.

In Japan, cats can be used in domestic violence cases, so the adoption agency will do their best to ensure your cat is safe.


If the foster home you apply to isn’t accepting cats, there’s no need to go through the whole process again.

It might take a bit longer, but it’s a good way to get your adoption.


Japanese adoptions are very rare, but you can always make your own.

You don’t have to go to Japan if you want a cat, dog, horse, or whatever.

Just find the foster homes you’re interested in, apply for an animal, and make your case.

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