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How to help a rescued bull terriers puppy escape a China dog shelter

A rescued puppy from a Chinese dog shelter in Arizona has escaped its home and is now living with an animal shelter in Phoenix, according to local media reports.

The puppy, named Kota, was rescued from the Dog Shelter International in a city in Guangzhou province and is believed to be between two and three years old, according the Chinese news site The Sun.

Kota is being cared for at the Dog Stable in Phoenix and is expected to survive.

The rescue came just days after an Arizona couple was reunited with their puppy after it was abandoned at a local dog shelter.KOTA, who is about two years old and about 1.5 months old, is the only surviving dog at the shelter, where a number of puppies are rescued each year.

The couple, who had been on a camping trip with their pet and dog, decided to adopt Kota after their puppy ran away.

They named him after a Chinese story about a man who rescued a stray dog and gave it a name, The Sun reported.

The Sun reported that the couple was so worried about Kota that they tried to take him in with them on a date to China, where they hoped he would be reunited with his family.

Koto was not the first dog rescued from a dog shelter that day, as a puppy from an Arizona shelter was found abandoned at another Chinese dog rescue.

A Chinese woman who was taking a puppy in to a shelter in the United States was attacked and left to die when the puppy’s owner failed to properly care for it.

A group of people in China has been arrested for allegedly using the dog as a human shield.

The dogs are sometimes kept in the cages of a Chinese animal shelter and are kept in filthy conditions.

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