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Myka Stauffer adopted from a shelter

A dog adopted from an adoption agency is spending a year in foster care, and a man has been charged with neglect.

Amber Staufer, the shelter’s chief executive, said Tuesday that Stauffers four-month-old poodle was adopted last month from the Staufers’ new home in Denver.

She said the dog has lived with a foster family for three months.

“She’s got a very strong bond with them,” Stauper said.

“She’s not an aggressive dog.”

Stauffer said the couple has a history of neglect and said the adoption process is designed to ensure that the dog is cared for and the foster family is responsible for their care.

She declined to elaborate on what happened to the dog.

A man is charged with abandonment and neglect after a four-months-old puppy is adopted from the shelter.

Staupper said the man’s attorney had asked her not to say anything about the case because of the mans pending criminal case.

Stauffer said the case is a case of neglect.

She didn’t have an explanation for why a dog was being neglected.

The dog was brought to the shelter as part of the shelters efforts to meet a state requirement that homeless dogs be adopted.

The dog was placed with the Stuarts in September 2016 and Stauffeners said they took her to the foster home, where she was adopted on Aug. 28.

Stufters lawyer, Steve Johnson, said he had no comment on the charges against the man.

The Stuart family had no comments.

A shelter spokesman said the agency had no information about the adoption or the adoption of the dog because it was not finalized.

The Stufers did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

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