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When does it become a ‘sanctuary state’ for dogs?

A new bill is coming before the state legislature that would create a sanctuary state for dogs, as long as they don’t bite people.

House Bill 589, introduced by Rep. Dan Housen, D-Nashville, is a companion bill to the recent ban on sanctuary cities in New York, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas.

While it doesn’t specify what kind of laws a sanctuary would have, it does call for counties to adopt rules that make it illegal for anyone to have a dog while the law is in place.

If adopted, the bill would create the third type of sanctuary state, in that counties would be required to adopt a new policy on sanctuary counties that would prohibit a county from adopting a new sanctuary law.

This would allow counties to enforce a county’s existing sanctuary law and to change its sanctuary law if the law changes.

It is unclear how many states have such laws, but according to Housout, they are becoming increasingly common, especially in places like Mississippi, which passed a law in January that specifically bars sanctuary counties from adopting new sanctuary laws.

In March, Mississippi Gov.

Phil Bryant signed an executive order that prohibits counties from changing sanctuary laws unless they receive a federal court order directing them to do so.

This new bill, Housens office said, would “address the longstanding and ongoing problem of counties that are not complying with the sanctuary law,” and it was unclear whether the bill could survive the Senate’s amendment process.

State Sen. Joe Bevin, R-Louisiana, has introduced legislation that would prevent sanctuary counties in the state from adopting sanctuary policies.

It is unclear if Bevin’s bill would survive.

State Rep. Matt Moore, R–Wichita Falls, also introduced a bill that would bar sanctuary counties and cities from adopting any laws that would “violate” federal law.

But he has not yet introduced his own bill.

As we previously reported, New York City, Illinois and Texas have already passed new laws that make sanctuary cities illegal.

Both New York and Illinois are the only sanctuary cities, and the city of Austin is one of only five cities that have passed a sanctuary policy.

But these laws do not include an exemption for local governments that want to remain open.

The new bill from Housin, however, would not prohibit a sanctuary city from adopting policies that are similar to those already in place in other jurisdictions.

Rather, it would make it unlawful for any county to adopt any policy that does not comply with the federal government’s current sanctuary policies, including those in the New York area, Illinois or Texas.

The House of Representatives will begin debate on the bill Thursday, according to The Tennessean.

If the bill passes, it is likely to be referred to the Senate, where the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to approve it.

Parrot adoption papers: Maryland adopts a family

By Adam WiedemanThe Maryland State Police are making it official: the state has officially adopted a parrot to a family.

The parrot was adopted by a couple who lived in Maryland and decided to get a pet from the State Police.

The Maryland Veterinary Medical Association is currently working on an adoption application and the parrot will be euthanized.

The State Police said the adoption was a quick and easy decision and it was all done in a matter of minutes.

The state police posted on its Facebook page on Friday, “Congratulations to the State of Maryland on the adoption of our first Parrot.”

The couple said the parrots personality was very similar to their two parrots.

They are both energetic, playful, and curious about things.

The couple’s dog, who they named Kaitlyn, was adopted to them as a puppy.

Kaitlyn and Kait are both in their mid-20s and weigh around 300 pounds.

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