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Adoption is still hard in Australia, but it’s getting easier

Posted May 06, 2020 15:16:10 Australia’s adoption rate has dropped dramatically in the past 20 years, but the reality of the situation for the millions of animals in the country’s care remains largely unknown to most.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Animal Care Services chief executive David Pang said Australia’s animal population is being “dismantled” in favour of “a much more humane approach”.

“I’m convinced it’s going to happen that the adoption rate is going to increase, but only if we take some of the pressure off of adoption,” he said.

Adoption has always been difficult for the public, with the Australian Government’s decision to remove the mandatory adoption fee from the constitution in 2000.

It meant some animals were forced to leave their families, which can cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars.

Pang said that change was a “massive mistake” and that it “created an environment where we were able to adopt less animals”.

However, he said that the current situation for animals in Australia was “still very challenging”.

Adopting a penguins’ face The current situation, Pang added, was due to the fact that many animals have to have their faces tattooed or painted.

“They’re still not able to live their lives,” he explained.

Animal carers are trained to help children find their parents and animals are also allowed to be put up for adoption.

“[But] we’ve lost an incredible amount of trust in adoption agencies in the last few years.”

We’re still going to see people being put up, but we’ve got to be careful that we’re not getting people who may not want to be adopted.

This is an incredible opportunity for Australians to help save the lives of animals,” he added.

Animals in Australia are still being euthanased every week for being too large for the facilities, but Pang wants to see that change.

ABC News: Adopting penguins, furries and more. “

(Adoption) is still a huge opportunity for Australian society,” he says.

ABC News: Adopting penguins, furries and more.


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